Perma Plast AEA is a high performance, chloride-free water reducing cum air entraining agent for mortars, concrete and lightweight aggregate mixes. The introduction of Perma Plast AEA brings about entrainment of innumerable microscopic air bubbles of suitable size and spacing evenly distributed throughout the matrix.

Perma Plast AEA lowers the surface tension of the mixing water, as a result there is considerable reduction in the amount of mixing water required. The plasticizing nature of air entrainment assists in producing a dense uniform close textured surface free from gravel nests and honeycombing. It is compatible with all types of cement, sand and avoids efflorescence and bleed in concrete.


  • It improves workability thus improving compaction.
  • Reduces water cement ratio thereby increasing strength.
  • Increases resistance of mortars to attack by deicing salts and freeze and thaw cycles.
  • The concrete produced with Perma Plast AEA is homogeneous and free from bleeding.
  • Air entrainment of microscopic bubbles assists in producing cohesive concrete free from bleed which reduces segregation.


  • Perma Plast AEA is specially suitable for preparation of concrete and plaster and masonry mortars to be used in marine atmospheres and in marine construction.
  • It can be effectively used as an admixture for concrete prepared at site, ready mix concrete and light aggregate concrete.
  • Perma Plast AEA is particularly suited for pre-cast industry.
  • Addition of Perma Plast AEA avoids honeycombing.


  • Perma Plast AEA should be used or added during the mixing operation.
  • It is necessary to carry out a preliminary site trial to determine the amount of air entrained in fresh concrete or mortars.
  • The dosage of Perma Plast AEA depends upon the flow and air entrainment required.
  • Preliminary trials should be conducted at site to determine the optimum dosages.
  • After addition of the Perma Plast AEA concrete should be thoroughly mixed so as to achieve a uniform consistency and homogeneity.


Type of Admixture : Water reducing and air entraining agent
Form : Liquid.
Dosages : Approximately 0.15 to 0.30 % by weight of cement
Storage : Store in original containers. Protect from direct sunlight and frost.
Specific Gravity : 1.14 at 20° C
Chloride : NIL


The material shall be dispersed 0.15 to 0.30% by weight of cement.


Perma Plast AEA is available in 10 Litres and 25 Litres & in bulk packs.


Perma Plast AEA has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture.


PERMA warrants that all products are free from any defects of manufacture and comply with the specifications given in their respective technical data sheet. No warranty can be given as to the results of use because conditions of use, such as site conditions, surface preparations, workmanship, weather, structural issues and other factors are beyond the control of PERMA. Purchaser agrees to seek the advice of qualified professionals to carry out tests & take trials to determine the suitability of products for their intended purpose prior to full scale usage of PERMA products and assumes all risks.

The company does not assume any liability for unsatisfactory results, arising from the use of our products. Purchaser’s sole liability is limited to replacement of product or refund of the purchase price paid if any product proven defective. No other warranties, express or implied, shall apply including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. PERMA shall not be liable for any consequential damages arising from the use of our products for unsatisfactory results.

The information supplied in this datasheet is based on our experience through extensive research and is given in good faith in order to help prospective users. We reserve the right to update the information provided in our technical data sheet at any time without prior notice within the scope of technical progress or new developments.

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