Perma Rust Remover


Perma Rust Remover is an aqueous green liquid which removes the rust to form a protective cover around the reinforcement and other steel members. Perma Rust Remover is just brush applied on the metal surfaces. It is an essential pre-treatment to the rebars before starting Perma Bond SBR or Perma Bond-AR treatments. It is also a pre-treatment to steel before any epoxy or Polyurethane coating.

Perma Rust Remover


Perma Rust Remover is used to remove rust from metal surfaces and reinforcing bars. Treatment of steel with Perma Rust Remover is a pre-requirement for further anticorrosive repairs and epoxy coatings.


  1. Solvent free hence environmentally safe.
  2. Easily applied by brush.
  3. Rust removing is done very easily.
  4. Saving in time.
  5. Reduces manpower.


Shake the container before use. Remove any dust, dirt on concrete particles sticking on to the surface. Liberally brush apply Perma Rust Remover on the steel surface. Allow Perma Rust Remover to react with the rust for one hour and then rub out all the rust with a dry cloth or a stiff brush till a fine shiny surface is obtained. Do not wash this surface with water. Apply any subsequent coating directly.


Physical Form : Green liquid
Specific Gravity : 1.30
Coverage : 100 to 200 sq. ft. per kg. depending on extent of corrosion


Wash all brushes and Vessels with soap water after use. Used containers should be washed and disposed off.


Avoid handling chemical products directly. Use hand gloves and dust masks. Contact with the skin should be immediately washed.


Perma Rust Remover available in 100 gms, 500 gms, 1 kg, 2 kg, 10 kg, 30 kg, 120 kg, and 240 kg..


Perma Rust Remover has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture, if stored in unopened manufacturer’s original packing.


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